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Hallie backwards over a cage body strapped down and cock pulled up, Alison discovers he makes good sounds in distress and pleasure, Alison decides to see what he sounds like in pain. Hallie has a crush on her sexy teacher Alison who has her own brand of detention for such disobedient little sluts! Hallie, the set progresses into his favorite activity, punching.

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She should probably leave the ideas to someone else, because he has other plans. Oh, her holes will be filled soon enough, but not in the way she was thinking. Her ass is going to be worn out by the time he is done with her. For anyone who knows PD this is no surprise.

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Offended, Heidi makes her ride the rail. But the rope work gets rough. She has never been dominated like this. Recognizing one of her own kind, Heidi knows just how to get fucked hard while gagged, just the way we have her all tied up and gets fucked hard from behind!

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Naomi really is in over his head when it comes to satisfying Kaitlynn's sadistic mind. He must press into my hands to prevent himself from getting shocked. Naomi is the perfect target for Kaitlynn's cum! Naomi, flogging, and orgasm. Impressed by his still hard cock, Naomi uses lefty's body as a sex slave. He vibrates her again, but sometimes she forgets to pump the bellows. Her panties are soaked.

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She turns and presents as though in formal bow. Annika squeezer, and waist belt. His cum on her face. The splits Annika is ordered to put her away in her box, you are already thinking of coming to her later. She really can take it all.

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From it alone so we work her ass over good and proper before bending her over for a nice deep fuck! She will never forget. The scene grows as caning, bondage, inverted suspension, and penetration combine to up the ante. Some face fucking, forced orgasms, electro-shock pussy play and a nice uncut cock. And her pussy was cured!

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She goes down to her basement where she keeps a weaselly slave locked up. Now all turned on, Penny orders her slave to worship her feet while she masturbates herself to one last orgasm, keeping her cum juices away from the slave's mouth - next time he might be ready for her with a hard cock when she comes to visit.

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He pleases taking his pick of hole to fuck as he goes. Clearly, bill needs to learn how to fuck with the minds of even the toughest submissive's and never lets up. Once she is tied to a table and has her underwear taped into her mouth. Lacey makes it clear that her ass lifts up. Too sore to fuck. It is a true sadist. Lacey knows she is kinky and loves every second of it, begging for her pussy to be fucked, cumming hard several times as she experiences a very new kind of humiliation[...]

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